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Famous in Love Season 1

 So a friend told me about this show and I thought I would check out the pilot, I ended up binging it in four days since all the episodes are available online for streaming. I am a self-proclaimed Soap addict. Real life is hard kiddies, so I like a good soap to help me escape the routine of life. While some of the acting is cringeworthy--I am looking at you bella swan- the writing is interesting enough to have me coming back for more. 

I think my favorite character thus far is probably Jordan. Yes, he has done some sketch things, but I just feel so bad for him and he seems like a genuinely good guy. Nina is so creepy. What a predator going after her son's bff. Rainer I want to hate but he is like this dumb pretty boy who is impossible to hate. I also really like Tangey and Paige. Tangey girl really? You want to be the first black female country singer? Good luck with that. I do love her scenes with her stage mom. I find the girl that plays Tangey, her mom and Jordan to be the strongest actors. 

The love triangle is alright, but its pretty obvious she is in love with Jake and Rainer is just a dazzling distraction. I like both boys (when they aren't being dumb) but there is a sweet natural chemistry between her and the boy that plays Jake.

 I wonder who the eff is responsible for what happened at the end because OMG I did not see that coming. I won't say what it is cause that's too big of spoiler to put in my review
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