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11 December 2017 @ 09:23 pm
Binging episodes is becoming normal for me now. I am just getting a really blah feeling about the show. I like bughead don't get me wrong, but I am just not as passionate about them anymore. It's all omg teen angst when I keep thing shit,  Jughead's life is hanging in the balance. His future is now fucked up because of the Snake Charmer. A big part of it is his own naivetee. But, the other part is the fact that he has this loyalty to a man who hasn't been there for him. I love that FP wants more for Jughead than the life he had.

Betty stripping was ick.

Can fandom stop using the word toxic for any couple that breaks up or struggles with issues. There is a big jump from going through ups and down (on/off) and toxic. Please redefine yourself.

Um can I have more FP/ALICE. I don't even care that it will be weird for Bughead.
19 November 2017 @ 06:26 pm
I haven't really put up my thoughts on the last two episodes of Riverdale because I needed to formulate my thoughts. The fandom has literally gone to the dogs in the last two weeks. I am seeing many of the same symptoms I saw with gossip girl in regards to DS with bughead. The exception primarily being that they are more popular. It seems people made the same mistake with this pretentious emo boy as they did with our resident hipster and put him up on a pedestal. I don't know if this is due to my age, time spent watching soaps or just my straight up cynicism but people are overreacting. I get that you expected Jughead to be some paragon of goodness. He is still a teenaged boy who makes mistakes. His making out with some girl when he was broken up with his girlfriend doesn't mean he was unfaithful or desired to be. I think people are mistaking the fact that he was trying hard to keep afloat in place where it is hard to cope is underplayed. Yes, they were distant, but the boy had a lot on his plate. It doesn't undercut Betty's feelings for him or the fact that she had a killer harassing her. That is a commentary for another time and place. But, I think its unwise to put any character nevertheless a teenaged boy on a soap on a pedestal. You are just asking for him to come tumbling down. I find it interesting that people are more engaged in the Team Betty or Team Jughead bullshit over the obvious class divideds and position of privilege that both Betty and Archie have. This too is something I will probably touch on in another post.
It always amazes me that people are so fast to assume things about characters and then when they stop acting in a semi saintly manner they are just the worst. I think both Betty and Jughead's story are well written and they have been put in a predicatment that is outside of their normal coping mechanisms. I am pretty sure they will once again be torn apart. What I hope the show addresses is the fact that we are supposed to hate a bunch of characters that are poor and unfairly maligned. But, sorry I nope that so hard. While I had some issues with early Toni becuase I didn't really understand where she was coming from at first, I actually kind of like her. I don't think she had some sort of malicious agenda. I also don't think Jughead is some sort of dog. But, I also think that the narrative choice is interesting. It's almost laying the ground work for another split but this time for it to be Jughead's "fault" and I use that term loosely. What will come out of the choice will be interesting. I think any good couple needs to be tested and while I am not crazy about the go to oh they were on a break scenario set up with this TT situation, it definitely tests the couple. I think they have what it takes to come out of this stronger than ever. But, they aren't there yet and weirdly enough I need them to break up again because quickfixes are always a set up for a bigger fall. They need to take on the issues before the blackhood blackmailed Betty and flesh out why they both reacted the way they did.
18 November 2017 @ 11:13 pm
I had originally made these for an icon challenge, but I missed the deadline so I'm just going to post them here.

05 November 2017 @ 05:56 pm

This episode was pretty decent, I just hate that it takes me so long to watch it because by the time I get to the episode, I've been pretty much spoiled for the whole thing. Despite being spoiled, I really enjoyed the episode. I am a sucker for angst and they really seem to be setting the scene for a combustable scene between Betty and Jugehad.

Things that I liked:

  • SweatPea. The name says it all. It's like he is trying to be hard cause of circumstances, but he really isn't a thug by nature.

  • The north vs southside drama. It's so much better than Cherly being a petty bitch

  • Jughead being a true crime junkie. I had a friend who would eat up those books on serial killers.

  • Betty manipulating her mother with the use of badly applied black eyeliner

  • Jughead sleuthing with both Betty and Toni.

  • Fred being Fred

  • Hiriam cackling at how easily he manipulated Archie

Things that I didn't like

  • the continued lack of the pussycat dolls. I feel like they are just the token black girls on the show that they don't need now cause they have Toni. It's really annoying and more than a little irritating. The show can have more than one POC representing per episode.

  • Toni being randomly bitchy to Betty. I was fine with her sleuthing with Jughead and trying to be an ally. But I really think that she is judging Betty based on her mothers pieces in the register. I do feel like she has a point about how the southside is blamed for everything bad in riverdale, but the way she takes it out on betty was disconcerting.

  • Betty suddenly thinking like her mom just so they can create drama between jughead and betty

  • Um why isn't jughead being allowed a voice in the events in his life? He is not exactly a shrinking violet.

  • ARchie! He is just an entitled dumb ass

  • Veronica existing soley for Archie. I feel like her struggles are no longer about her. It's great that she loves Archie and is being a good girlfriend, but what other stories does she have and can she have more scenes with Betty for Godsakes

29 October 2017 @ 02:37 pm

Things I liked:

  • Jughead's lines were oozing with pretention and oh so him

  • I self associate as a loner not a pack animal. LOL oh boy

  • Archie being a gentleman to Ethel and not shaming her for being out at night

  • Mateo um I mean Hiriam being so Godfather like. They just need to let Veronica be full on Latina instead of acting like a bad Blair copy. Blair isn't that interesting people.

  • Hermione drinking and being bitchy to her daughter because she seems jealous of her own kid

  • Mateo threatening Hermione. Don't fuck with me bitch attitude was classic Godfatheresque

  • Bughead make out at the red and black

  • Betty worrying about Jughead

Things I was meh on

  • Toni. She is pretty but beyond that I am not sure what her motives are.

  • Sweatpea being a roughneck is hilarious to me

  • The naked red circle with the red hoodies. LOL its like the gay fight club

  • Archie I know you have ptsd but stop making me giggle

23 October 2017 @ 09:14 pm
Empire: 401-404

I think the show is actually handling Luscious' brain injury pretty well. This family really needs Luscious to come back cause they are falling apart without him. Love him or hate him, he is still the backbone of that Family. Plus he can smell a rat from a mile away. People are coming at them from a mile away.
Can Nurse Ratchet go away already.
Anika needs to die.

The Flash

Cute start to the season. Loved westallen at couples therapy. Candace is really killing it this season. I loved the premiere and the second episode. Both strong starts to the season.

Malec is my new obsession. The angst, the love, the passion give me more.


Omg people are dropping like flies. KJ learnt to act. YAY. Yummy to all the DILFs on this show. More detailed response to come as I watch ep 4 onwards of s2.
17 August 2017 @ 10:45 pm
Title: June Flowers
Entry: Spring
Story: Chapter two of Season of Love
Summary: Each Chapter covers a different season of the year in Barry/Iris's life

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12288544/2/Season-of-Love
08 August 2017 @ 12:59 pm
 Title: A Night of Firsts

Couple: Betty and Jughead

Fandom: Riverdale

Prompt: Based on the Deleted Scene of Jughead and the Coopers.

Come to me in the night hours, I will wait for you….


Read more...Collapse )
08 July 2017 @ 09:34 pm
 I haven't posted in awhile since my computer has been out of commission. I have been think a lot lately about my creative influences or entertainment that has had a profound impact on my life. So, I came up with this meme


1. An album that had a profound effect on you
2. A movie that means something to you
3. A book that changed your life

#1)  Whitney Houston's self-titled debut album. It just means so much to me on so many levels, but above all its what helped me meet my bestfriend. We are still close today cause I was sitting on my front step with my brothers boombox (Yes that ages me) listening to my brand new tape of the album and belting away (albeit badly) to Greatest Love of All. She came up started singing along and a life long friendship was formed with a pair of erstwhile six year olds.

#2) This one is harder since there are a lot of movies that mean something to me, but the one I feel like that's truly stuck with me over the years is "Leaves of Grass" You are probably wondering why a depressing love story from the sixties means something to me. I think it was due to who shared it with me. My father took me to an old theatre in my hometown when I was 14 to see this movie. At the end, we talked about our favorite parts. I think I was struck by Natalie Woods performance the most. She was such a tragic figure and I thought the love story while sweet was like a side plot. I was totally obsessed with how it had ended on such a bittersweet note.

#3) The Native Son. It embodies that sort of dark underbelly of racism. How black people are not allowed dignity and there is this part of us that wants to seek revenge for crimes of others. But, if anything it was an interesting analysis of the racial structures that still impact our society today.
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21 June 2017 @ 02:36 pm
 I finally finished watching s1 of this show and I love it, but in a non-shippy kind of way. As a social activist, I thought I would be more drawn to Sam then Coco, but Coco ended up being my favorite. There is something about her experience as a darkskinned woman with ambition that really spoke to me. I think a part of it is that she spent a lot of time navigating a very white world as the "other"

I spent a good amount of time feeling that way. But, I also felt for Sam just in a different way. The tension between Coco and Sam was my favorite part of the series thus far. While I like Reggie, I kind of want him to get over Sam and with Joelle. There is just something sweet about her crush, but I love how she doesn't allow it to consume her.

Shout Out to Aaron Rose the hipster returning. I mean JP Amerdori. His character was sweet and unassuming, but his feelings for Sam feel like he is trying to prove a point then out of actual affection. I say this as a person who is a longstanding participant in an inter-racial relationship. He just comes across as fake woke to me. But, I could just be projecting because there is just something so awkward about that whole relationship.

Basically, I love this show, but as per usual I seem to be out of the loop with fandom who seem all over Sam/Reggie.